What To Do When You’re Not in the Mood for Ice Cream

A photo of a blue velvet cupcake.

With October temperatures still hovering above 30°, it may be difficult to imagine a time when ice cream won’t sound like a good idea, but sometimes you simply might be in the mood to try something different. If you find yourself near Güllük when your sweet tooth strikes, it’s worth popping down to Çikolata Tutkum on Konyaaltı Caddesi to see what they have on offer.

A photo of a window display of chocolates and cupcakes.

An enticing window display makes all the difference.

What got me to stop and take a second look at the window display was not Çikolata Tutkum’s chocolates, but their cupcakes. The whole cupcake craze of recent years never really took hold in Turkey the way it did in other countries. While the rest of the world was going nuts over red velvet with cream cheese frosting, we had other priorities like gourmet cheeseburgers, shot bars, and doughnuts. Now, though, there are a few places here and there that make cupcakes, and I like to try them wherever I see them available.

A photo of some cupcakes in a window display.

They look delicious, but do they taste good enough to warrant the price?

I did pause for a moment when I saw the prices. 5 for a single cupcake seemed a little steep to me, but I decided to reserve my judgement until I’d actually tried one. It crossed my mind that if these cupcakes were as good as the prices seemed to indicate, this was likely to turn into a very expensive habit, but since I like to support small, independent business owners, I’d be happy to pay a little extra for a specialty cupcake.

A photo of Ebru Turan assembling a bakery order.

Owner Ebru Turan is an expert in all things chocolate.

The owner of the shop, Ebru Turan, was on hand to help me make decisions. She suggested the blue velvet cupcake, which she said was her favourite, and since that was the one I had been drawn toward anyway, it seemed the obvious choice. She also threw in a couple of freebies— a handmade truffle, and one of the heart-shaped frosted brownies that were on display near the till.

A photo of a cross-section of a blue velvet cupcake.

The blue velvet cupcakes have a chocolate surprise inside.

Out of the three items I tried, the cupcake actually ranked third for me, but it was still pretty good. Initially when I saw the huge turret of cake frosting on top, it seemed like a good idea; in the end I think I would have preferred something a little more subtle like a ganache or a cream cheese frosting. I liked the chocolate filling inside the cupcake, and the cake itself was good, but I think next time I’ll choose a variety with a slightly smaller frosting-to-cake ratio.

A photo of some chocolate truffles in a window display.

The chocolates at Çikolata Tutkum come in a variety of flavours, some more unusual than others.

The chocolate truffle and the brownie were both very impressive. Ebru clearly puts a lot of effort into making sure the truffles are perfect, and the brownie had a slightly crispy candy icing that added a nice texture without too much extra sweetness. Both the chocolates and the brownies would make perfect gifts, and there are special gift boxes available in various sizes. The brownies would also be ideal to serve to houseguests with coffee.

A photo of the Çikolata Tutkum shopfront.

Çikolata Tutkum is on Konyaaltı Caddesi, near the Güllük intersection. If you’re heading toward the sea on Güllük, turn right when you get to the bottom, and it’s located on the left-hand side of the road, just after the park. It’s also easy walking distance from Republic Square, so it’s perfectly situated for an after-shopping or after-sightseeing treat. There is a very small seating area inside, but it’s more a shop than a café, so it’s probably a better idea to take your sweets home, or go next door to the park and enjoy them with a spectacular view of the sea.

In addition to the chocolates and baked goods, Çikolata Tutkum also offer online ordering, event catering, and even workshops where you can learn how to make delicious chocolates at home. Details are available on the Çikolata Tutkum website.

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