Stay Warm, Stay Dry, Stay Productive

A photo of a fire in the fireplace at Vanilla restaurant in Antalya.

Personally I love winter, but there’s no way around it – the weather the past couple of weeks has been brutal. We were lulled into a false sense of security after last year’s unusually mild winter, but this time around the season is back to its old tricks and showing little mercy. As homes in this part of the country can leave a lot to be desired in the heating and insulation department, sometimes you have to get creative with your staying-warm strategy.

A photo of a teacup and teapot at Vanilla restaurant in Antalya.

The green tea at Vanilla is delightful, and you can enjoy it in front of the fire.

If you need to get some things done online and are looking for a way to beat the distraction of the rain, wind, and cold, taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi available in most Antalya cafés and restaurants is a good idea. Nearly all establishments are well-heated, cosy, and ready to serve up a variety of hot drinks and snacks. You can sit there for hours if you want, enjoying tea, coffee, or a hot mug of salep, counting the days until spring.

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