Old Owl: Surprisingly Good Pizza, Surprisingly Good Prices

A photo of a pizza at Old Owl Café in Antalya.

A couple of weeks ago I found myself near Republic Square, hungry but sort of in a hurry, and not really wanting to head into Kaleiçi for a full meal. I’d been curious about the Old Owl Café and Pizza House, so I decided to give it a try.

A photo of a violinist playing on the street near Old Owl Café in Antalya.

Street musicians provide live entertainment at Old Owl.

In short, I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered the signature Old Owl pizza; it was freshly made and arrived quickly. The street musicians near Republic Square were a nice addition to the atmosphere, and of course the café is right in the middle of some prime people-watching real estate.

The bill came to around 20 (in early 2015) including a drink, which made the whole experience even better. It’s definitely a café I’ll keep in mind when I want a good, quick bite without too much fuss or expense.

A photo of the view from Old Owl Café in Antalya.

Enjoy a nice view while you eat your pizza.

Old Owl is located between Republic Square and the clock tower, and has both outdoor and indoor seating. They open late morning for those who like to lunch early, and stay open throughout the day and evening.

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