New Dondurma Dükkanı Location: Konyaaltı

A photo of the Işıklar branch of Dondurma Dükkanı.

Ice cream has really boomed in Antalya over the past year or so, and Dondurma Dükkanı is one of the locally-based shops that has ridden the wave with skill. Until recently, there were two Dondurma Dükkanı locations— one in the Dedeman area and one in the city centre, but over the weekend I started seeing these flyers on cars:

A scan of the new Dondurma Dükkanı advert.

Now I have to say, as much as I like ice cream, I’ve never actually had the pleasure of trying Dondurma Dükkanı. I haven’t been avoiding it, as such; it’s just that given the large number of newish ice cream shops in Antalya, I simply haven’t got around to visiting all of them yet.

This flavour chart has convinced me, though, that it might be time to pay the new Dondurma Dükkanı location a visit.

A chart showing Dondurma Dükkanı's ice cream flavours.

As a big fan of fruit-flavoured ice creams, these offerings look very promising. I’m also curious about the three different plain milk varieties. It will likely be difficult to narrow the choices down!

A map showing the location of the new Dondurma Dükkanı location.

The new Dondurma Dükkanı location in Konyaaltı is pretty easy to find, right behind the Sea Life Hotel, next to the Shakespeare Bistro and across the street from the square where the Konyaaltı Starbucks is. I’ll definitely be trying it out later this week; I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

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