If You Love Gelato, You Have to Try GeLatte

A photo of the ice cream display at GeLatte in Antalya.

Ice cream is pretty much my favourite thing, so I’ve really been enjoying the recent boom of Antalya ice cream shops. Sure, technically it may be the middle of autumn, but on days like today when it’s sunny and 25° outside and the bazaar vendors are still selling ripe melon, it’s easy to pretend it’s still summer. Not that winter will stop me, you understand— ice cream is great any time of year.

A photo of the GeLatte building at night

Real Italian-style gelato lives right in the heart of the city centre.

There is no shortage of quality ice cream in the city, but most often I find myself stopping in at GeLatte. I’m a big fan of the creamier, denser, Italian gelato, and GeLatte has really done a great job of replicating that authentic flavour and texture. Somehow the prices are also lower than comparable shops, so the combination of better ice cream for less money makes GeLatte an obvious choice.

A photo of the GeLatte display window, with various flavours of ice cream.

There are so many choices, you’re certain to find at least several flavours you like.

Most days there are thirty-two flavours to choose from, and the problem is knowing when to stop. At a lot of shops, half the flavours are some variation on chocolate, but GeLatte does not have that problem. In addition to chocolate, there is a wide selection of fruit flavours (both ice cream and sorbet), as well as plenty of other choices. The Italian caramel is popular, as is the cookie ice cream, but my favourites are the butter croquant and the coconut. And stracciatella. And banana. And pistachio. And cookie and Italian caramel and all the rest.

A photo of a server at GeLatte handing over an ice cream cone.

Coconut and butter croquant – heavenly.

As the ‘Latte’ part of the name suggests, GeLatte also has a decent selection of coffees, but I can’t comment on those, as I always have ice cream on the brain when I go there, and haven’t even thought to try the coffee. They also have a display case with cheesecakes and other desserts that look pretty good, but again, I haven’t got around to trying those yet. Maybe someday!

A photo of the GeLatte sign at night.

GeLatte is open from early in the morning until late at night, available whenever you need an ice cream fix.

GeLatte is near the north end of Kaleiçi, in the little square across the tramway from the clock tower, on the corner of the street that eventually becomes Şarampol. If you’re at the clock tower, just look across the tramway and you can’t miss it. They have ridiculously long opening hours— I’ve had an ice cream there as early as 10 a.m. (hey, don’t judge) and as late as 11 p.m., and I think they may adjust the hours as demand fluctuates.

GeLatte website (not much there yet as of October 2014)
GeLatte Facebook page
GeLatte Twitter page

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