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A photo of a butterfly

Capturing Nature’s Silent Angels

This Friday, 16 January, photographer Melih İnanlı will be presenting a collection of 106 images of butterflies he has photographed around Turkey. Entitled Doğanın Sessiz Melekleri (Nature’s Silent Angels), the exhibition is coming to...

A photo of the Antalya clock tower at 23.35 on New Year's Eve. 0

Welcome 2015!

With the holidays finally behind us, we’re heading into the serious part of winter and, of course, a new year. The season has been pretty chilly and intermittently rainy on the Riviera, but Antalyans...

A photo of second-hand clothes in a pile. 0

Enjoy the Harvest at St. Paul

This Saturday is one of my favourite events of the season: the Harvest Festival at the St. Paul Cultural Centre. I attend it year after year (as well as the companion Spring Festival), and...