Bringing the Fire of Modern Dance and Power Vinyasa to Antalya

A photo of three people practising yoga at Fiery Feet Studio in Antalya.

Internationally-experienced dancer and movement instructor Christina Markowski has announced the opening of Fiery Feet Studio, a new space in the city centre where the English-speaking community can enjoy both dance and yoga classes taught in English.

There are plenty of places in Antalya for young dancers to learn ballet, but when it comes to modern dance, not so much. Fiery Feet offers both modern dance and creative movement workshops for children, giving students a strong technical base while allowing for individual creative expression.

As for the adults, yoga classes are starting up on Mondays and Thursdays, with intermediate classes at 5.30 p.m. and beginners at 6.45 p.m. Classes are presented in the Power Vinyasa style, with room for exploring each student’s individual aims and needs.

A photo of yogi and dance instructor Christina Markowski in the Bird of Paradise yoga pose.

Yogis of all levels can strengthen and develop their practice in a comfortable, relaxed setting.

To celebrate the grand opening of Fiery Feet, Christina is hosting two open-house yoga evenings this week – one on Monday, 19 January, and the other on Thursday, 22 January. Classes will take place according to the standard schedule, and will give you a good feel for the benefits of learning yoga in a small group, with a lot of focus on individual attention from a skilled instructor.

You can register for this week’s open-house classes or any future classes at the Fiery Feet online class registration page. Inquiries about dance or yoga can be directed to Christina either through the Fiery Feet website or on the Fiery Feet Facebook page.

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