A Touch of French Café Culture at Kafe’in

A photo of two cups of cappuccino at Kafe'in in Antalya.

Kafe’in in Bahçelievler has been open for about a month now, and provides a lovely little pocket of tranquility away from the busier traffic of Konyaaltı Street. The grand opening was a lovely event, and Kafe’in has now settled into its role as the neighbourhood’s go-to place for coffee and baked goods.

A photo of Ece Soner at Kafe'in in Antalya.

Ece Soner, owner of Kafe’in.

Owner Ece Soner wanted to create a space that was a little different from the coffee chains on the high street. As such, a great amount of attention has gone into the décor and the feel of the café, as well as the menu design.

A photo of teddy-bear-shaped shortbread biscuits at Kafe'in in Antalya.

It shows— Kafe’in has a relaxed, cosy feel that’s both warm and welcoming.

A photo of a cup of cappuccino at Kafe'in in Antalya.

The coffee is served up hot in cups without handles, French café style. It makes the perfect to some biscuits or a slice of cheesecake.

A photo of some baked goods on display at Kafe'in in Antalya.

One thing you won’t find at Kafe’in is an internet connection. Soner wants the focus to be on coffee and conversation, not screen time. ‘Sorry, you’ll have to talk to each other’, she says to a table of customers who ask for the Wi-Fi password.

A photo of the interior of Kafe'in in Antalya.

Drop by Kafe’in for a coffee and a chat.

Kafe’in is located behind Konyaaltı Street, at 29 Pamir Street, between 139 and 140 Sokak. It’s a quiet location in a charming neighbourhood, perfect for chatting with friends or getting lost in a good book.

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