A Devilishly Good Salad


MyMoon café in Meltem is often affectionately referred to as the ‘Meltem Starbucks’. It’s a place where students and residents alike can get a decent coffee, but at a lower price than the international chains. Over the past few months, though, I’ve discovered that it’s a good place to drop in for a quick meal, as well.

One item I keep going back to is the chicken caesar salad – at under 15 (as of January 2015) it’s a bargain, and even though it differs a bit from the classic caesar presentation, with freshly-grilled chicken breast and a variety of fresh greens and vegetables, it’s probably the best grilled chicken salad I’ve had at that price point. It even competes well with some of the more expensive salads you can get around the city. Serving the dressing on the side is a nice touch, and the visual presentation always reminds me a little of a cartoon devil.

MyMoon has free Wi-Fi and with a lot of places to plug your laptop in, and it’s pretty quiet during the day, so if you like you can get a salad and coffee (and maybe a slice of cheesecake, ahem) and sit there all afternoon, working on your novel.

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